Almost all guys in school want me but I just want him?

Almost all the guys in my school likes me but I just like him and he has been interested before but a lot happened not between us but i mean common I was younger and dumber and pushed him away so he got a girlfriend now everybody says that he doesn't even like her he's just with her for me to notice him and he is almost never with her either i just dont know what he is doin man... help please am confused


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  • No more games just straight up tell him that you like him and hopefully he will be interested in you again. Now rumors always aren't true so he could actually like his girlfriend and moved on. If you really like him I think you should give it a shot because he obviously won't do anything.

    • Okey thanks for the tip (y) he is like alwaysss lookin at me and all that 2 so yeah and askin he's friends about me but i dont know... Why do you think i won't do anything? Is it just because he don't know i'm interested?

    • Maybe when you were younger you werent ready for a commitment or a relationship yet so you didn't do anything. I think your more mature now and you said it yourself so it really shouldn't be a problem.

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