Why did my boss respond saying "k."?

My boss & I have a friendly relationship, since he is very friendly and the nicest boss ever. I also think he secretly has a crush for many reasons because of the way he is around me, but that s a diff story. Anyway, I was joking around with him about a guy who he works closely with saying "So your buddy so and so.. he s a funny guy" and he responded back saying "What happened? And why is he my buddy? He s not even on my Team" and I responded saying "I m just pulling your leg". and then he respond back saying "k." (with a period at the end). What the hell does that mean? Why can t he say "ok" if I just said I was just pulling his leg? He s making me nervous now. Did he:

1. Really get offended? The joke was not even offensive.

2. Purposely say "k." to make me nervous and confused?

I know I m reading too much into it. But why the hell couldnt he just say "ok"... I feel like typing "k." is putting more effort than just "ok" and it feels like he wanted me to get scared or something. Jerk -_-


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  • basically how do you know "k" stands for ok and not sth else?


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  • You have openly admitted "I also think he secretly has a crush for many reasons..." And with this not having to be etched in stone here, dear, it is quite clear to me that your 'Very friendly and the nicest boss ever,' may have said just "K" because his nose was a bit broken and could have been feeling somewhat jealous that another tom may be on his After 5 Territory.
    He didn't intend for you to get 'Scared or something...' he was shaking in his own puss in boots some.
    It could also mean you were stepping a bit over your own boundary with his over the line, mentioning his so-called 'Buddy' that he meant could be just too close for comfort.
    Good luck. xx

    • He makes fun of me all the time. When i was not getting along with one of my co-workers once, he would call her "my best friend" just to poke fun at me. So I didn't think it was a big deal when I said it to him.

    • Well, in this case, dealing with this 'Buddy,' it was His buddy now and maybe not a joke.. I mentioned this other deal because youi seem to think he likes you.. however, when you did mention his 'Bud,' he didn't find it funny. xx

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  • Don't overlook things. Men aren't like women. Dude just felt like writing K


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  • I don't actually know if your boss is into you but if he was he would probably be upset about you talking about or complimenting another guy. Also if he isn't into you he could have found your joke lame or could have been busy.

    At any rate why don't you ask him since you are obsessing over it?

  • He wanted to know why you were pulling his leg


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