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I'm shy, but I'm finally decided to at least say hi to my crush (yea ik I have terrible shy issues) but I'm nervous on what would he think and react. So how would you react if a girl you once knew in a class, and were class friends, but suddenly she doesn't talk to you for a long period of time. But suddenly she tries to talk to you again? Would you ignore her or try to talk again?


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  • I've been ignored by my crushes before and frankly I wouldn't react. Why should I? She ignored me, it's only fair that I ignore her.

    • But I did it cuz I got shy when from friendship turn into crush. But now I want to take a huge step (for me) to talk to him again.

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    • Well culture don't matter, they just scare that I would lose my Mexican culture if I date someone outside my own culture or that his culture will be dominant toward Mexican culture.

    • I understand if u can't help me anymore. I just appreciate ur honest opinions.

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