Is this guy still interested after a whole year of me ignoring him?

So I play (flute) in a community band once a week w/about 50 people.. this guy who sits a row behind me tried talking to me a couple times last year. He made random/weird remarks like "You're not wearing glasses today" (I alternate b/w contacts & glasses). I completely ignored him for a loong time even though I thought he was cute b/c I had a serious bf then (but not anymore hah). It's been 1 whole year since then & I thought he forgot about me. But when we made eye contact yesterday I smiled, and he approached me after rehearsal to talk. He just asked general stuff like where I'm from, what college I went to, etc. Could he still be interested after I ignored him for a year?


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  • From your description it sound like he only being friendly. There no way he still like you after a whole year. But hey, you can try and spark thing up again :)

  • i guess yeah, otherwise he'd not bother ;-)


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