My friend told my super hot crush I thought he was cool and now he ignores me? help?

i like this guy who's a junior (im a freshman) i've caught him looking at me and looking away when i look back since the start of the year. i've talked to him once and he was super nice and engaged in conversation. Later one of my friends went online and asked him who he liked and he wouldn't openly say who it was, but mentioned it's someone he "knew and has a bit of a crush on for a while''. but my friend asked him what he thought of me he said he didn't know me:( the next week i caught him turning his head back to look at me when he walked past me in the hallway. what is going through his head? what should i say to him next time i'm alone with him?
I also forgot to mention he's kind of a shy guy. He's an athlete and an IB student but overall he's not really that out going


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  • Guy love to chase. If he interested in you he will make the move. For now just act friendly with him, nothing too clingy or reveal your feeling or he might get turn off.

    Oh and kill your friend. That nosy bitch. Jk.


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  • tell the guy how you feel about him and that your friend said words

    that never came from you

  • Kill your friend


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