Shy guy interested or is this all in my head?

I'm a college gal and this semester I have three classes with a guy who shares the same major. We've seen each other around -- at the gym, in other classes, etc -- and it's almost comical how he's gone out of his way to pretend to ignore me (before we had had an actual conversation, he could be standing right next to me alone and wouldn't say hi or show any sign of acknowledgement). He isn't talkative in class and seems really shy, but when he does talk he's very kind and cordial. He's a really sweet guy, creative, kind of goofy, and may be introverted (though I'm not quite sure). We've run into each other a couple times since the beginning of the semester and have been friendly. A few weeks ago, before we were leaving the room (he sits right next to me in a 15 person class), he waited for me then asked a really lame question about what my paper topic was on, so I answered, and we walked back to our dorm (we happen to live in the same one). He hasn't walked back with me since (may be cause I keep on leaving before he's packed up fully), but I keep on seeing him around -- he'll sit in the same row as me in lecture but a few chairs down, he'll walk close to me, etc. The other day we stopped at a stop walk and he came right next to me but didn't say hi or anything until I turned to him and initiated a conversation, after which we talked and walked to class.

So my question is: do you think he's more interested in friendship, or might he like me? Would love to get some input before I let myself have a crush on him.


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  • I would say that he might be interested. If you feel comfortable initiate a couple of conversations or one day out of the blue wait for him after class.


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