Guys who are popular read this ?

so how r u guys like when u guys aren't near your freinds and u c this one girl whos just u feel like is beauitful not the popular girl just that avergae girl you guys alwyas c what goes on your mind


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  • Okay not sure if i'm reading this right but you want to know what going through our mind when we see an average girl while we are not with our friends?

    Nothing. In my case. I might be more inclined to approach her to be friend with her since I like making new friends and if you look approachable I definitely do it.

    • what if your just staring at the girl and no NOT getting zoned out literaly just looking at her eyes only thats it

    • If i'm just staring at the girl then I'm trying to figure out if I wanted to talk to her or not.

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  • If i like her and think she's beautiful. I will ask her out. Most of the time i will get a yes. Advantages of being popular.

  • who told you that popular guys are attracted only to popular girls? :-)

  • Not popular but reading anyways!


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