Why does he care?

So the guy I've been seeing for 2 years broke up with me. He needed space and wasn't sure he wanted 2 be in a relationship.
So we recently have been communicating like old times and after months he agreed to see me. He asked when and I told him (now) today. He said he was helping a friend. Which after our conversation i found out it was a female. He had been helping her all morning and into the evening. I asked if he was dating or seeing her or anyone else. He said no she's just a friend and he cares about her but not like that so he wanted to see me the following day. Then he asked me if I believed him. (Why?) I told him it doesn't matter what I think he's just going to do what he wants. He asked me again if I believed him. I just told him it doesn't matter and if he has no intentions of us reconciling and if im just holding on to hope then tell me to leave him alone. He said I wasn't and it would be really nice to see me and he was being honest. I just left it at ok.
why does he care if I believe him if after 3 months of him being so distant and cold? And why is it that when I say if he doesn't know what he wants then I will leave him alone for good he always says no and it doesn't mean he doesn't want anything to do with me?


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  • I think some part of him still cares about you and what you think about him and he might not be completely over you so maybe you should ask him genuinely how he really feels about you

    • Did that and he shared alk the things he loves about me. Can never get a straight answer. It's like i have to have questions for my questions to get any understanding. Lol he's killing me softly.

    • in that case are there it sounds like he's playing games or he is not sure about how he feels about you and is on the fence between you and this girl that he's talking to that you think is his friend. He could be using you as sort of a safety net if it doesn't work out with her if that be the situation.

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