Guys, why did he take care of himself in the beginning? And SO quickly let go of hygiene?

It's only been a few weeks. And he's taken a bit of a nosedive in terms of hygiene and the way he is dressing.

I was so into him until I notice some things like bad breath and body odor...

Then he thought I was going to break up with him (long story, not sure why he thought that!) and he was ALL done up... Like his hair was better than Id ever seen it, dressed nice... Like he took care of himself. Still felt his clothes weren't totally clean though.

But there was a change. And he must know it! I complimented him, and that's all I can figure out to do.

Why doesn't he want to continue to take care of himself... For him, but for me?

I take care of myself for me, but also for him...

It's getting in the way of my attraction for him when his breath is bad and his clothes aren't clean or he hasn't showered.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sorry to say, but he has always been sloppy and had poor hygiene. He cleaned up while single to falsely advertise himself. So the guy you fell for really isn't the guy you think he is.

    • I really really really hope that there's a chance he can tidy himself up and keep it that way. He at least knows HOW it's just a matter of it being a habit he sticks to. I know some poeple can be set in their ways though

    • Yah, he may just need a woman's touch. Good luck!

What Girls Said 1

  • in the beginning stages of relationships guys and girls tend to put our best foot forward in order to impress the one that they want to be with. Then I get comfortable in the relationship and they start to sort of let themselves go because they already have you so they don't have to woo you or anything like that


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