Is he just being nice? any ideas?

So this guy is really quiet around me and our conversations tend to get awkward and quiet because of that. The pressure falls on me to come up with things to ask. He starts playing with his phone when we get quiet especially. He also avoids me at times and its obvious, literally running away when he sees me. Then other times he does a complete 180 and comes says hi on his own and comes sits with me on his own. For instance he didn't wish my hbd on Facebook when it was my birthday but the day he saw me right after the first thing he did was wish me happy belated birthday. Also recently I asked him for a book since I lost mine He gave me his to keep and when I asked how much he was going to charge me for it he told me not to worry about it and it's fine. He's different around other people from what I've seen - conversations with other girls and guys just seems a lot smoother than ours. So is he just being nice?

Ps we both are 20


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  • I think he likes you but there may also be a sense of hard to get? Maybe he is trying to play it, to see if you'd show signs of liking him.


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