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Okay, so why do some guys keep hitting a girl up after sex, but when they text you they carry casual conversations, is this to make it look like they don't just want sex? (I'm sure they do if it was good enough.) Now the real question is he starting to like you possibly, and or why don't he just find another fuck? Why bother with the casual convos, when more than likely they mean nothing, considering he's mentioned having sex again. I see a lot of my girlfriends going through this and it's upsetting because I don't know what to say sometimes.


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  • Most guys are pigs believe it or not. And i can say this without a doubt because most of my guy friends actually all of them who's had a relationship have cheated and all the others engage in casual sex and care or have little empathy for girls in general. I say a big proportion of this problem is cause girls give up sex way to easily now a days. Time is a distinct matter that will divide the players, man whores and Casanova's. Problems is patience is a virtue and not only does not everyone have patience many don't care for it. Your girlfriends you speak of need to assess and display a sense of pride and respect for ones own dignity if they already dont do so and with that they should be mindful and patient of these guys they have texting or calling them because from my general observations is that guys are deceitful and manipulative i know this for a fact they'll have you doubting theyre true intentions in order to sweep you into thinking their much more than a guy after sex. If these dudes aren't looking for a quick hook up then tell me why they mention sex soon just after you had it or so early on after you meet them.


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  • I don't know I thought it was normal to do that. at least were not treating you girls only as sexual objects but as another person.

    • I get that lmao, but sheesh like why don't you just move on to he next one, why hang onto her? Lok

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    • Lololol it's sad they're so many girls that would actually appreciate from a guy "let's skip the non sense talk want to fuck? Instead of me sitting here and telling you things you want to hear for no reason"

    • I've seen that actually work couple times too, my boi asked this one chick very straight forward "Wanna fuck?" and she was down. For myself Iv'e never done that but have been asked just as straight forward as that also. hmmm... Maybe this trying to string girls along just to get in their pants is just a waste of time? Honestly Im gonna try being more straight forward and see how that works out lol

  • stop using tinder

    • No no these are people she meets face to face.

    • If they're getting the meal for free they're going to keep coming back for more. she should set up a date instead of going for the finish line.

  • If they're 'casual', he just wants sex.

    • What's considered outside casual, but not all about sex. I mean she let me read the texts its playful, it's random things, and just life general shit. Normal convos, but I sense sex for some reason.

    • If he starts caring about you and what you're doing he might want something more, but it's hard to say by reading texts.

    • True, because some guys also act like they cafe about you to get sex lmfaooo

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