I found out this guy is cat fishing me. How can I play him more than he's playing me?

This guy messaged me on Kik randomly and we've been talking for about 4 days. Right away I didn't trust him. He looked WAY too attractive and the pictures he sent me just didn't add up. His username was weird and the way that he said he found me didn't make sense.

He seemed genuine, but I didn't really trust that that was him in the pictures. I kept talking to him because he was entertaining me and it was fun in a way. But in the back of my mind I still didn't trust him.

So I'm scrolling through Instagram and I find an account of a model who has the same tattoos as him and I look into it further and yep, I found the pictures that he sent me. At this point, I figure that he saw me comment or like something and then looked up my same username and found me on Kik. I think the only thing he lied to me about was the pictures, but honestly, who knows.

What should I do now? I don't like him romantically or even really want to be friends anymore. I'm actually kinda offended that he tested my intelligence like this. And I'm angry that he took advantage of my kindness.

What is a clever way that I can either play him more than he's playing me? Should I bring it up right away? Or keep talking to him and try to figure out what's his deal? I don't want him to think that I would just let him get away with this.

I'm so over this, but I'm curious as to why he chose me and who the heck he actually is.


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  • Keep talking until he gives you his address, then mail him the head of a catfish with with a note pointing to it that says "you".


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  • Just say "heeeeyyy you look a lot like him (send screenshot of Instagram page)."


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