What kind of girls interest you?

Guys what qualities do you find interesting in a girl? What first attracts you to her , what makes you stay? Not just a one night stand kind of thing , but a girl you could see hanging out with you and your friends maybe even make your girlfriend.


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  • If she's shy, understanding, and fun to be around. What's the first thing that reels me into a woman is how she conduct herself. Is she quiet for the sake of being antisocial or is she quiet cause she has no one to talk to. How does she handle stress? And other things. If that girl was to date me, the only id stay if she remains understanding. That's all I ask. Don't tell there's nothing wrong with you and there is, or your crying but you tell me you don't know why. Understanding. Now what makes me go pass dating to gf/bf if she's interestingly invest her time to get to know the me and open up to me without her friends brainwashing her, and for her have some sort similarities between us. Lastly being creTive. I don't want go to the movies and eat at a restaurant. No, I want to walk and talk at the park, build memories by writing poems to each other and camp outside and look at the stars and cuddle. Something different and creative.


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  • A girl I can have deep philosophical and emotional conversations with.
    Looks attract me but are not very important.

  • The kind that doesn't have facial paralysis

    The kind that I actually have something common to fucking talk about.
    I guess that's why most of my friends are nerdy guys I suppose lol
    But yeah a pretty face is fine and all but I wonder what's behind that pretty face?
    I hope it's not wood glue.

    • I think if more people irl wear graphic Tees that says whatever they are interested in , things would be a LOT easier.

  • I can get along with any girl, when I have some type of interest in one I reveal my interests and hobbies to the girl to see if she is cool with it. I have had crushes on many girls and they were from the nerdy to the pretty girl type. Ofcourse looks come first, but when I get to know you, thats when the feelings come around. I have had times when I walk into class on the first day of school where I scan all the girls and decide there, then later in the semester I come to my senses and they get prettier or uglier (based on their personality). For me, so many things are my deciding factor. But this is just my opinion.

  • For me its.

    The one who makes me feel special,
    Brutally honest!


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