Guys: Would you answer if a woman asked you (by text) whether or not you want her to move on?

I've texted this guy 15 minutes ago asking him, "Look, simple yes or no answer: Do you want me to move on?"

If you were only interested in having sex with the girl, but you don't care about her, would you reply to her text message?

I've told this guy that I'm in total anguish, and he knows how long I've pined for him. He knows I need a boyfriend.

He CLAIMS that he's never liked anyone the way he likes me, BUT HE SHOWS SO MANY SIGNS OF DISINTEREST!!! He even said to me last week, "If you just relax, chill the fuck out, you and I are gonna be okay." He said this looking right into my eyes inches from my face. (Because I always freak out and text him lots accusing him of not caring about me and playing me, every time after we hook up.)

Would the average guy answer the point blank question: "Do you want me to move on?"


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  • Yes?
    People fuck around in the bush too much. It's indecent I'll say. Better do it in the open and be clear as daylight about it.

    Cos that's what I'll do. I'm honest to myself and ofc to other people.


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  • Why are you asking him?
    Make your own decision
    He just has you there and he knows it. Don't be a doormat. If you want to continue this relationship, but want to change things then talk to him about what exactly is bothering you. If you're tired of him acting like this and refuse to take any more then just move on.

    And to answer your question, no i wouldn't answer. These are conversations to have in person. Although it was yes or no, you know there's more to it. A yes or no won't give the relationship the closure /fixing it needs. To much space for misinterpretation and grey area.


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  • i'd answer her "do whatever you want" :-)


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