My coworker is getting too touchy?

I know I can easily tell the manager or something so he can keep his hands off me but that's not my question. Since I started working there he just stares when I walk by and when I smile he smiles back and like he always compliments me on how my hair always smells good and he hugs me everytime I see him and his reason for hugging me is so he can smell my hair Lol. And the other day I was setting up a table (I work in a restaurant) and he came up and just stood there and I smiled and said hi and he said hi and stood there and then I giggled and he's like "sorry I just want to look at you, you have such a pretty face" and I just kept smiling and doing my thing and he said I had a pretty face again so I said "thanks, I'm gonna bring the party over now" I didn't want to seem flattered because im really not lol but I didn't want him to think I was. Oh and when he hugs me it's like a really tight hug and it lasts awhile. I mean he's not the only guy that hugs me at work but it's the other stuff he does too. Like today I was standing At the front desk and he came up and held my hand but not just held it, like his fingers were between mine and it was weird so I quickly pulled away and acted like I forgot to do something and he was like "wait what?" and I told him I had forgotten to do something lol I initially was going to tell him to move the fuck away but I felt that was a little mean. And then later I went over to a table where a few servers were hanging out and I sat next to him bc there was space and he put his arm around me but his hand on my waist.. people put their arms around me sometimes bc I'm tiny I guess but on my waist? I don't know about that.. Well I just looked at the person across from me all weirded out and he moved his hand to my shoulder. so is he just being flirty? A lot of the guys are flirty at work.. But I think maybe he's taking it too far. The other guys just talk flirty and get all huggy and poke me but he doesn't really flirt like the other guys


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  • That's sexual harrasment.

    • That wasn't my question

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