Did he leave to avoid me?

i used to work with him at my uncle's store.. he left abruptly one day.. he must have sensed i like him.. i wouldn't talk to him that much.. but slowly i was starting to.. but i would keep my distance if he didn't want me to.. so back then he stopped coming to work suddenly.. my uncle said "he won't be coming anymore" .. he had issues with my uncle.. not sure if he left coz of that or me? after all these years i found out, he is still working there for my uncle... not sure when he came back.. so did he leave the job temporarily becoz of me?
coz he sensed that i like him.. thats what i feel !!


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  • No I don't think that he left job cuz you liked him

    • he was not there.. while i worked there. and appeared after i was gone.. not sure when he returned.. what u think of that?

    • he is a nice guy. maybe he didn't want to reject me openly..

    • you should find out that if he've a gf or not, nd as far as most of boys are concerned, I dont think he would've left the shop cuz of you but still it depends upon the fact that he's in relation or not

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