Is he bi, gay, confused or just a player? help?

so this guy and i have been dating on and off for a year. and he always comes back and like dissappears. when he dissappears, its really because he'll act like he likes me a lot for a few days and text me a lot and then one day he acts distant then ignores me completely at school or in text. its happened like four times! when we were making out just like a week ago, he said i was the only girl to give him a b*ner while kissing! but we didn't touch much or anything. and i asked why he kept leaving and he said he was confused.

so i thought everything was perfect, bc he was jealous bc he thought i had this thing with another guy and then had me and acted all proud and said he was proud and said he missed me all the time and wanted to cuddle, and he'd offer to do stuff for me and wouldn't bail on me. he told me his friends about me again and he seemed serious. he was so romantic! and he's never been like that. we hung out too like in so long and he said it was the best time and we hung out 2 days in a row. he used to bail on me all the time! and i thought he got way better then one day he was acting weird and distant then now the couple of days he hasn't talked to me, he saw me yesterday but didn't say hi. he stared!

i think he might be gay and confused bc of that. and his random dissappearings. he promised he would stop it. but i also think so bc he wears bright colors a lot, is super social, and gives girls hugs like theyre friends. and he always seems to hang with his friends who are girls at school more than me. i mean he's also pretty social with guys too. and like his guy friend was touching his pec, but was kidding around and rubbing it. and the guy i was dating was standing was standing there while getting rubbed and didn't do anything! it seemed odd. sorry if im offending anyone, but im so lost and tired of his act


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  • ur so stupid

    • well i was aware of getting this kind of these kind of comments and im actually being serious. if u didn't have anything better to do, then dont answer and say stuff like that to people

    • these kind of comments*

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