How do I know if he's loosing interest?

My boyfriend has been less responsive in the past week, barely tells me he loves me anymore, and talks about other girls, yet he got me a promise ring.. is he still in love with me or no?


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  • how can he lose interest if he has a beautiful girl like you. i think he's still in love with you... but maybe... less. if he's talking about other girls, i mean, you're supposed to be the only girl on his mind, right?

    i don't know how you might get him to 'love you more' but i do wish you goodluck!
    maybe, just maybe, some time apart would make him realize how important you are to him.


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  • We might need a little more detail than that. Guys are prone to stray off, thats a well known fact. When this happens, its up to the girl to be a reminder. If you hang back in the shadows and keep "hoping" he will remember you exist, you might as well flip a coin. If he hasn't been doing "regular" things for you, why don't you go out of your way to Remind him you are still around and get his interest back. Take control.

  • I don't know anything about it but he still might be loving you cause you're awesome n cute n etc😊

  • I don't know. guys are complicated


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