What's the stupidest/silliest thing a guy has ever told you to convince themselves that you like them?

So I have terrible eyesight, and I didn't have my contact lenses on today. Anyways there's this guy friend of mine whom I've always suspected in liking me. Today he told me that every time I speak to him my pupil dilate... lmao. I told him it must be because my eyes is trying to pick up the images clearer since i don't have my lenses on. He then said that they're usually like that even when I have my lenses on when I speak to him and that's cute. Anyways I Thebes asked the guy next to me if they were big, he told me they were small. Even if they were big I'm not fucking crushing on you sheesh!😒
Anyways I then*
And I have brown eyes too, why are you so focus if my pupils are big? You would have to stare at my brown eyes pretty damn hard to know if they are big or not


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  • i know a guy who was tleling he owns a car because he thught all girls liked cars... gosh

    • Ahaha most guys do that

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  • once a girl told me she was tight

    • Tight as in angry or tight as in down low tight? Lol

  • What kind of guy tries to convince a girl that she likes him. That sounds so dumb..

    • Tell me about it lol😁

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