Should I maintain my faith?

I'm interested in a guy. He told me he wasn't interested in a relationship, but that was nearly a year ago, in May. He's a player, which was also the reason he told me he didn't want to settle with anyone.

But he treats me different than the other girls in his environment. There is only one other girl with whom he has an actual friendship and she's his classmate and my best friend at school. She told me that she's recognized that he treats us two differently than the girls generally, and she also pointed out that she can feel that there is something going on between him and I, because the way he treats us two is also different.

For instance, she admitted he didn't surprise her on her birthday (but he did surprise me on mine along with my other three friends), she told me he trusts me, he never offers to share his drink with anyone (but he did so with me, twice), she's never seen him taking joy in putting on other girls' glasses (like he likes wearing mine on occasion), and the way he holds me on a picture from my senior ball (he was my partner at the dance) is quite telltale -- he holds me like I was something precious, like a vulnerable vase he doesn't want to drop. (And he has a tiny, vague half smile tugging at the corner of his lips.) Also, she told me as soon as she can tell, he wouldn't be able to just use me the way he uses the other girls, because he respects me more than that.

He also invited me twice to join him to concerts (along with our common friend), but I had to turn him down because I was too busy. However, a few days ago I got to know that he was upset I couldn't go with them -- he told her he pitied I wasn't there. He's developed a habit where he hugs me every time we're saying goodbye, too. I asked him about it, and he just said he only hugs a few people, basically just our common friend and me.

Now we meet regularly every Wednesday, because I help him with English -- he asked me to do this, since he's astern from his classmates.



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  • abandon faith


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  • Do you mean, should you maintain your faith in this guy that you think likes you? If so, I would. He sounds as if he really does like you : )

    • Yes, I meant it that way :) I really can't figure out his feelings, because sometimes he seems to be uninterested. However, that girl who I mentioned in the question told me that he'd admitted to her that he hates school and a bad feeling overcomes him as soon as he's in the building. So I guess I can just blame it on school whenever he hardly wants to talk to me (or sometimes even look at me)?

    • Maybe he is just miserable at school or has other stuff going one? From what you said in your question, it sounds as if he really likes you.

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