Is my colleague interested?

Hey guys,

I am hoping someone could help me out here as I am very confused about my colleague's behaviour towards me.

I work as a teacher and he is my mentor. He's a very lovely guy and gets along with everyone. We have a meeting every once a fortnight but he now wants to see me every week. When I asked him if that was necessary, he didn't have an answer, looked away and said "yes."

Our mentor meetings last 5 minutes and for the rest of the time, he just wants to talk to me, he is always asking me about my personal life, men in particular.

I am a practising Christian and he is an Atheist. In one of our meetings, he grabbed a marker and started to draw something on the whiteboard. It was me on a boat. He then drew a bigger one and said that I needed to expand my boat so I could find the big fish an when I asked him what this big fish was, he said someone who was not a Christian.

We spoke about science/religion... at one point he said we can't marry like this can we? I was too embarrassed to look at him so I just pretended to flip through some papers, I asked him eventually what he meant and he said he meant that we weren't going to agree on certain aspects but that's not what it appeared to me.

We get along really well but i'm not sure if he is interested. We were once working in the same room when another teacher decided to join us. I couldn't concentrate so I left but he followed me saying that he wanted to stay with me. I told him that I didn't want anyone getting the wrong idea so he should stay in the same room to which his response was "but i don't like her, i like talking to you, i want to stay with you" so I said okay common... we sat in the office working and on several occasions he asked me to massage his shoulders but I told him to get a girlfriend, he'd just smile at that.

He always touches my arm and stares at me while we talk. Calls me a distraction because of the "fascinating" conversations we have... what do you guys think?


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  • He's interested, but concerned that religion makes you incompatible. He's struggling to figure out whether he can ask you out in good faith. If you like him, make a move and he'll jump, if not stress the religious difference and he'll go away.


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