Mixed signals from this guy! Does he like me or not?

Long story short, I've on a university society committee with this guy so I have to work with him (kind of) to organise events and meetings.

I've known this guy for 3 months and he has only been sending me mixed signals!

For example, he'd reply to some of my messages and then ignore some.

But we had this meeting thing last month; only one of us had to go. Seeing as I had a higher position, I told him that he shouldn't worry and that I'd attend it instead because there would have been no point in both of us attending it. But he attended it too? He even (sort of) saved me a seat!

Then we had another event and he didn't even say hello/bye to me. :l So I just assumed that I shouldn't overanalyse and he isn't attracted to me.

But then last week, when we went clubbing (he was with his friends, I was with mine) he kept looking around the room and our eyes met quite often. I didn't think much of it until whenever I turned around, he would be there. Our backs were constantly touching as we dance (we weren't facing each other) but neither of us said/did anything to move away.

I'm so confused! Someone please help me figure his actions out! :(


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  • Well it doesn't seem like mixed signals. For the meeting - you suggested you will go - you never asked if he wanted to go. So maybe he saved u seat cause you said you will attend. As for clubbing - they're can get crowded so maybe that's why your backs were touching. Plus he could have been looking for someone else you know

    • True, true! Maybe I shouldn't over analyse! Haha, thank you for your opinion though! Have a nice day! :)

    • Lol no problem :)

  • Guys and their mixed signals, i swear. It sounds to me he's just a bit shy. Shy guys give mixed signals without even noticing it. It sounds to me that yes, he is attracted to you. His behavior at the club would definitely say that, as would the meeting. However he doesn't want to flirt with you out right, because he's probably too shy. This is seriously so annoying isn't it :P Hopefully your a confident person, and if you are, YOU make the move! Go and talk to him, save HIM a seat, even flirt with him a little and see how he reacts. Hopefully you'll open him a up a little :) Good luck! x

    • Haha, thank you for your input! :) Yeah, it is SO irritating that guys tend to give off mixed signals. I would make a move but I feel that he will become disinterested in me (this has happened in the past with other guys) but thank you anyway for your advice! I really appreciate it! Have a lovely day. :) xo

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