What do I do I really like him... Like alot?

This boy at my school 2 weeks ago said yo ma let me get yo number and i said no but later the next day i started to really gain feelings for him then later that week maybe on Wednesday he licked his lips and blew me a kiss and i blushed and walked away every day i was hoping he would ask for my number and he would also play around and act like i was invisible but he stopped asking and now things are awkward he doesn't talk to me anymore all he does is sort of ignore me and stare at me even when he did talk to me it would be like after school when only a few of his friends are around i really like him now what should i do?
I really like him tho he is so sweet and nive and funny he is the reason i wake up in the morning i swear and when he talks to me it makes my day and when he does not talk to me it makes me so mad i even woke up that morning


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  • Tell him and get your first heartbreak.

    • oh believe me this won't be my first heart break :(

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