Best looking girls from which of the following countries?

Out of the follow countries which would you say have the best looking/prettiest girls, you can comment whatever country you like too :)
  • Turkey
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  • United States
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  • Mexico
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  • Russia
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  • United Kingdom
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  • I think its all based on personal preference and has nothing to do with the actual country or the people in it. I think if a person has a preference for dark hair and tan skin, they answered Mexico in the poll. If they like people with fair skin and [usually] darker hair (due to the colder climate), answered UK in the poll. But i bet that most people voted the US because (due to its widespread diversity), consists of at least some types of women that appeal to almost anyones preference. I am voting US on the poll because of its diversity and I'm curious to see the results on this. But like i said, this can't possibly be accurate because its all based on personal preference amd only personal preference.

    • And after i voted US, like i predicted, it is the majority- with currently 62%.

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  • The entire Eastern Europe and Northern Europe is full of beautiful people I will say.
    I don't know why often the most turbulent and hostile places on Earth often have the most handsome people but there you go.

  • Russia from those options, but definitely France.

  • Ireland. Love me some black Irish.

  • Nationalism doesn't dictate beauty. Eugenics programs do.

  • USA easily.


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