His friend told me, "I think he likes you." ?

So this guy who I previously did not know well had been saying something with his friend and I heard my name. So I asked one of them, and he said that his friend likes me. Since then he's chatted with me, asked me to sit with him, and waved/smiled when we pass by. I don't really think I having feelings for him... I'd be fine being friends and all, but is it too soon to bring it up?
In the situation that the guy who likes me asked me out or something, I'm not sure what I would say. If his friend didn't tell me, I could pass it off as saying that I thought we were just friends. But since I know he likes me as more than a friend, I feel bad letting him think I might feel the same way! I always act casual, and have never implied that I like him back, but since I know he likes me I don't know if I should bring it up before he does. Any suggestions?
I'd love some more opinions! Any more suggestions, guys/girls?
Just to clarify, he hasn't told me himself that he likes me.


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  • bring it up as soon as possible. Dont just let him keep thinking he has a chance when he doesn't. This will help him avoid a bunch of time chasing you and prevent awkwardness.


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  • For one thing, don't ignore him cuz he would really be curious about what did he do to u. Tell him as soon as possible


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