Why do guys get annoyed over little shit?

I was talking to my "friend" (I put the quotes because we're friends but at the same time more then friends and he's my ex. So I guess friends with benefits lol but we still care and love each other... its just the distance. 3000 miles) and I told him I was bored and I also said that if he was with me I wouldn't be having that problem. So he said "haha true... we could cuddle n shit" I said that I found it funny he said "cuddle n shit" like what other shit? Joking around ya know? So he was like "its an expression? O. o" so I said "its a joke? O. o" then he was like "yeah I got that but you do it all the time and it's annoying" so I said "me joking is annoying?" So he just said no... forget it. I know I didn't do anything and I don't do that all the time. But because I love and care for him so much it hurts me when he gets like that because he gets like that over little shit. Why do guys get like that?
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Should I apologize?
He hasn't spoken to me in 3 days now 😞


Most Helpful Guy

  • LOL. That guy needs to calm down and have a fucking wank, like damn.. :L

    But to answer your question, no you're not wrong. But not all guys are as overly sensitive as this one you're talking to.

    • I thought about apologizing... Should I?

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What Guys Said 4

  • i get annoyed only with religion :-P

  • I most certainly do not!

  • Yeah, you probably question all his flirtations and sexual advances all the time, pushing him away so he had enough of it.

  • The same reason you get annoyed enough to ask over something just as immaterial. Irony? No. You're a girl. You're just too dumb to beat the system.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well you made something out of nothing, you knew that he didn't mean anything by it but you pretended you thought there was more to it, thus making him explain himself and then made him feel a dick for having you explain it was a joke and you knew all along he meant nothing by it.

    If you did that all the time to me I'd get bored of it.


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