Do guys like to mess with a girls head on purpose?

This guy and I use to flirt a lot.. He knew that I likes him and all but he never made a move even when he said he would... We have kissed and hung out a bit... now we work together again , and like him I keep whatever we had cool even tho I haven't seen him in over a month.. he came to talk to me asked how I was , them told me I always look good.. why would a guy say those things to you and go out of their way to talk to you but never call or see you whenever he says he will? is playing games fun or what is it?


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  • I wouldn't conclude right away that he is messing with your head on purpose. Recall that you two have been flirting for a while and it may just be that it is fun to do. If Brad Pitt, Taylor Lautner, or Robert Patterson (assuming you think that they are super hot) flirted with you every time they saw you, wouldn't make you feel wonderful? I see some girls doing this, flirting with hollow intentions. They flirt not out of malice but out of a sense of fun. No more when a really cute or hot guy checks you out, you get an ego boost. The fact however that you have been straight up with him may imply that he only sees you as an ego boost (take it as a compliment :P) and flirting turns him on or makes him feel good. In other words, he is being a tease. I know it can be a pain in the ass. Always keep a no bullshit policy in dating, makes things simple...

    • I never really thought of it that way.. we got along very well even when we didn't flirt.. he knew that I likes him.. I guess he never likes me back.. but I do get that ego boost thing.. makes sense now.. thank u..

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  • no they dont

    • Why would he act like he like me and not do what he says he will? I don't understand that.. especially since we r in our mid 30's.

    • He's prob playing the field and does not want to be tied down. Some guys talk a lot of crap so they can get you in the sack or dome do it so you will get off of there back

  • Girls fuck with guys' heads all the time. They live for that shit.

    • I get that but I've always been straight with him.. so why would he do that?

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