Guys only: answer this?

If a girl sees you at a party and she is clearly checking you out and finds you attractive. Are you flattered or uncomfortable? Would you act on it if you kept making eye contact all night? Say like go talk to her or dance on/with her?


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  • Why would I have a problem with a girl finding me attractive? (provided that I'm straight). I would want to go over and talk with her if I found her attractive as well. Or I'd be too embarrassed. Or I wouldn't find her attractive and talk with her anyway.


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  • I would wait until she is alone and then I would go talk to her.

    Yes thanks for the xper


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  • Depends upon
    ●The guy's relationship status
    ●His loyalty
    ●Your looks
    ●Your way of staring
    ●Your timing
    ●Your reputation
    ●His mood


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