Why would a guy deny feelings for me?

So there's this guy and the first time i met him a year ago and we started off just messing around we didn't even label it friends with benefits even, even though thats what we were doing but anyway recently like a couple months ago we got really close like best friends and and one time i was like lets do it you know and he told me he really didn't want to do anything with anyone that he wasn't dating anymore so im like ouch and he is like you're beautiful and everything but i just see you as more of a sister but you dont have sex with your sister so im confused... of course im a girl and i have emotions and i feel like i maybe might have a little crush but i dont wanna feel anything or say anything unless i know he does too because of fear of rejection. I think he likes me but i dont know for sure i catch him looking at me and we tell each other everything and we are always smiling and laughing, i feel like we flirt but i dont know and we even get into arguments but i dont know maybe im reading it wrong but i just dont have the guts to admit my feelings and make things awkward... what should i do? am i crazy or what..
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  • U should tell him what he wants cuz it don't workout like that u know messing around & things... actually everybody got feelings ofcourse but how he would say that u're like a sis to him & he's sleeping with u? ... im so sorry but this is not alright playing with ur emotions !! ... my opinion tell him about it about how he feel like do u have feelings or something? I know that he got feelings for u cuz u guys r having sex together but if he didn't admit it u should leave this kind of relationship cuz he's a quiter & in all the ways he will do his best to leave u.


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