GUYS! I am so confused about this guy. Help?

So I'm a senior in high school and there's this guy who's in one of my classes that I have gotten close to. He's super quiet, he is known for that and has not dated a girl for a long time, doesn't even have a friend that's a girl besides me... Anyways, the beginning of the year, he messaged me and gave me his number on Twitter, surprisingly. We had a little thing going on afterwards. We flirted and texted a lot. I started to develop feelings for him and he told me he liked me. Then, we had sex. Yes I know it was quick, but we had sex. He would still talk to me actually but then he stopped out of nowhere. A few months passed and I'm sure he's hooked up with other girls. We started talking again and we had sex again, and then a third time. And it wasn't awkward. We would actually talk about things, a little about our personal lives, and we would laugh together like no other. He was himself around me, as I was the same. It was great because a very few people usually see this side of him. We were both comfortable with each other. I stopped expecting from him too. We were both using each other because I don't want a relationship, I have no time for all that lovey dovey bullshit and I love being independent and "free". And I guessed he wanted the same. One day he sorta opened up to me and told me that relationships weren't for him because he was "broken" from his last one. And I knew that because I remembered his ex used him. He also said he has pushed a girl that he liked a lot away because he didn't want a relationship. Anyways we became good friends. We would still flirt and such. last Friday he wanted to have sex after school. So that day I asked if he still wanted to and he said no because his mom was home and because he didn't want to complicate things. He said "I like having you as a friend." And so I was actually pretty happy with this, but why would he still flirt with me and then change his mind and pushes me away? He does this a lot.. I don't get him?
I'm just confused because I'm pretty sure you wouldn't flirt and want to have sex with just anybody? Right?


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  • Everyone flirts in everyday life and your friends so you would do it more in a way by just being friendly.
    Just tell him it won't complicate things as it's only sex and you're friends.
    You're both adults so it's ok to have sex no matter who around in the house etc .


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