Guys: how do you act towards girls you like vs girls you're only attracted to?

do guy act different when they meet girls they want to date/be in a relationship with and girls they are just attracted to or/and only want sex? Because i have met two guys within 3 weeks and they acted quite different towards me. The first guy kept telling me how pretty i was, like a lot, all compliments he gave me were strictly shallow comments, so it just came across as he only wanted to get me in to bed. When he asked me out for a drink (after i told him i only wanted to be friends) he would buy me drinks all the time and he would like put his hand around me, he tried to kiss me etc and just made it awkward.
The other guy gave me compliments only based on my personality, he would tell me i was cute when i smiled and he would tell my friends how fantastic i was etc. because of that it came across as he wanted something serious. he ofc tried to touch me, but he did that by high fiving me, and giving me a hug etc, like nothing sexual.
I wasn't attracted to the first guy, but i was or am attracted to the second guy, so that might effect the way i see or saw the situation. Do you think it was because they are just to different guys or that they have/had different motives?
i dont know if it has anything to say, but the second guy didn't check my boobs out even once! I had a low cut top and i have big boobs, and im very use to guys checking them out. The first guy didn't necessarly do it a lot, but i did see him checking them out


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  • I don't know if you care about under 18's opinion on this matter but anyways. On my crush I tend to be nicer, teasing, I will compliment her and if I can without being childish I will impress her. Mostly these. Girls Im just attracted to? Im just being nice and normal. In both cases I try to be myself. Oh and when I am to talk with my crush I am shy. With the other girls I feel comfortable. Don't know why :P

    • just because you're young doesn't mean you dont have anything insightful to say :) And i know everything about that being shy around guy/girls you like... i normally forget how to have a normal conversation, haha
      And by the way i was wearing a low cute top and i have big boobs, and he didn't stare/check them out once! So is that a good sign? in my book it come across as he respects me (not necessarily saying guys that to check them out are disrespecting me, but you get my point)

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    • Good luck!

    • thanks!

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