Why do guys cut a girl off without an explanation?

Why do guys cut a girl off without an explanation? I really liked this guy, we used to talk every day for several hours and then suddenly we didn't talk anymore. I sent him a text to ask if he wasn't interested anymore to go on. And he responded that he was too busy with school and that nothing was wrong.

So why would guys say things like this instead of telling the truth? I mean I basically put the words in his mouth.


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  • I think the guy was actually telling the truth about being too busy. But i guess there is another possible reason:

    Guys have two stages of evaluation when searching for mates. The first stage is the visual evaluation- basically he is "checking you out". If you match at least 80% of his personal preferences, he moves on to phase two- the personality evaluation. This is when he starts to flirt and hang out with you and possibly even go on dates to get to know you better. He is testing you to see if you are emotionally compatible with him. But if he finds some kind of character trait that he doesn't like, he will end up losing interest in you. He is still attracted to you nonetheless, but he no longer considres you compatible for a mate. In other words- you passed phase one, but failed phase two of evaluation. Although guys usually stick around and talk to you every once in a while, even if you don't pass phase two, so as not to seem rude. But if you failed phase two, it means he is not interested anymore.

    • Wow, that's a really good piece of information. Thank you! :)

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    • Thanks, I will! ;)

    • Oh wow that explains a lot.

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  • Because they are stupid, because they don't have the face to tell you the truth... guys mature a lot later than girls... and in few cases there are serious reasons behind their awkward behaviours...


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  • It's named 'ghosting'.
    Both sexes do it. It avoids needless drama and rows about whose fault it was.

  • basically he might be busy with school indeed.

    why you doubt that?

    • I don't doubt it, I'm sure of it because he never initiated a conversation afterwards. It was just an example I wanted to give :p

  • He might speak the truth. Or not. I remember my friend liked a girl and she liked him too. But she became too much clingy and they werent even together. She creeped him out so he cut off connection. Not saying this is the case for you but just to have an example. When I stopped talking to a girl it was because she annoyed me.. she sent me too much messages and they didn't even say something important.. just random crap. Maybe ask him to meet you and have a honest conversation? Or dont talk to him too. Move on. He could be a player too who knows

    • You might be right. Maybe I was too clingy but why not say it :/

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    • Hahah thank you, I'll keep it in mind for the future :p

    • All the best! x

  • I could ask the same thing about girls.

    • This guy. Thank you. +1 from me dude.

    • Yes, that's true but I just wanted to know why a guy just won't say 'it's over' when it's over :/ why the secrecy?

    • In most caes like this, it's usually a sign of no interest anymore. But in this case, he said he's busy in school so I think you might be over thinking this a bit.

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