How to ditch a "I don't know what friends is" type?

I been just talking to a guy and I told him that I want friends only. He said that he was cool with it and that he wanted friends too. Recently, he keeps asking me about how I feel about him and that he wants me. I keep saying I want friends only and I'm not looking, but he can't seem to get it through his skull. Should I take it to b! tch mode?


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  • Yep, you might have to bring it up a notch or two. He doesn't want to be friends only with you. Personally my thought is once a guy looks at a girl in a way that is more than friends, he cannot downgrade, ever, to friends only status with her. He will always look at you as more than a friend and therefore will not leave it be. For me, I have enough other friends. I would not want to be friends with someone that simply cannot be just friends. I would try to ditch this guy all together because the friends thing just won't work.


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