Why is he suddently ignoring me?

Hi. :)
Okay so I went out last Friday with a girl friend, we were going to meet two of our friends. I really like one of them, and he also seems to have interest in me. We flirted very much and he gave me more attention than usual. We spend most of the evening together, and when the evening was over he followed me on the way home, until he had to go a different way. He hugs me very tight, afterwards he kissed me. A very passionate kiss.
The day after one of our mutual friends writes to me that the guy i like had told him we kissed, and said to him that he didn't have the courage to ask me if he could come home with me. He is not usually a shy guy and I don't think he normally would have any problem asking about that, so I'm thinking that it might have been because he thinks I'm sweet?
Anyway I went out again the night after, I saw him several times at different places and he ignored me completely. He didn't say hi or smiled at me, which he normally always do. I noticed that he was looking a little at me when he thought I wouldn't see it, but every time he walked past me he looked in a completly different direction.
He acted like we didn't know each other at all... I think it's very confusing.. What happened? He was all over me Friday , and Saturday he ignored me..?


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  • Move on. You do what you want to do. He wants to play games it seems.


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