This guy has a serious crush on me. Should I tell him he looks handsome, nice, do something subtle or nothing at all?

He’s cute, but his swagger makes him hawt. He tries to flirt with me everytime I see him. I'm going to his dad's wedding to his new stepmom. Should I tell him he looks handsome, nice, do something sublte (give me ideas) or say nothing?
  • Tell him he looks nice, but don't be too flirty
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  • let him know how handsome.. hott he is
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  • Don't say anything. He'll lose interest
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  • Do something sublte (plz explain)
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  • Let him know he's hansome but do act like you want to repe him or he'll take advantage of that and try to get away with things


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  • Ask him out. Why is this option not there, dammit?

    • You don't think he'll lose interest?

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    • I might be, but it doesn't mean you can't. Push it to the limit - if you can only tell him he's handsome without burning with shame, do just that. He's gonna get the hint, methinks.

    • I think he will get the hint. :P I'll tell him how handsome (hott) he is. Thanks for the pep talk. :))

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