Analyzing his text well, does my friends with benefits he likes me?

I broke it with my friends with benefits and this is how our text went. Some people said it was hard knowing for sure so I included the text after the day i decided to stop seeing him.

Me: I am no longer comfortable with being friends with benefits. I need to take some time to think about some things. It was fun while it lasted. Wish you the best and good luck (10:20pm)
Him: Okay (12:07)
Him: can we talk in person (12:10am)
Me: I feel that you can find someone much compatible for you (12:18am)
Him: let's meet up (12:18am)
Him: is that cool?(12:20am)
Him: I want to talk to you in person (12:21am)
Him: You there sweetheart?(12:28am)
Him: Please don't ignore me (12:37am)
Me: I feel like that should have taken place earlier (12:39am)
Him: Come on hun, let me talk to you (12:41am)
Him: I miss you a lot. I wanna make things right with you. (12:43am)
Me: Our communication just went down the drain :/(12:45am)
Him: What are you sayin (12:46am)
Me: I don't know. I need some time to think (12:46am)
Him: lets grab lunch this week
End convo
Next Day Convo
Him: Good afternoon hun (1:49pm)
Him: ... (6:05 pm)
Him: (my name) (7:54pm)
Him: Answer me (7:54 pm)
Him: Babe (8:03pm)
Me: you have to give me some time to think (8:05pm)
Me: I need to know what I want (8:05pm)
Him: I want you to come over and talk to me (8:05)
Him: what's going on... r u talking to another guy? (8:10pm)
Me: No I'm not (8:11pm)
Him: Okay then, I want you to be happy. Like let's talk hun (8:12pm)
Him: I know you want time to think but like please don't push me away 😢 (8:20)
Me: I really do care for you but I just need time to think stuff through.


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  • This is gay. Just fuck him and be done with it.

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    • Why the fuck you respond, shit?

    • Okay good.

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  • He just wants to convince you to continue the friends with benefits situation


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  • Well, why did you call it off in the first place? Was is due to lack of feelings or?


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