Is this his way of nicely saying he's not interested?

Firstly, yes I lack self confidence and doubt that he likes me. But he confuses me because he has shown signs of interest. Anyways I was waiting to clock in he was going to bag after he brought carts in he was walking by then saw me, he said hello and used my name. I'm not in the best mood today, so I just nodded. He asked if I was feeling ok. Then started walking over to me and asked again, I said yes, he touched my shoulder and said "let me know ok?" Don't know what he meant by that, anyways I was bagging and he came up to the other register and atarted bagging. the customer asked how he was doing he said "I'm doing fine, but I need a good woman in my life." I do like this guy. he may or may not know, I'm not sure, but was that comment a nice way of saying he wasn't interested? he said it loud enough, so I could hear.


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  • No you are over thinking it.

  • I think he likes you and he was probably hinting to you saying that he needs YOU in his life :)

    • He really wasn't talking to me though, He was making the comment to the customer he was working with.

    • Yea but he said it loud enough that you could here it

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