Was this weird of me to do? I couldn't help it? Was it sincere?

So I went through a phase in my life, where no one was listening to me, and I suffered a lot because of it.

Now some of them want to apologize and make nice. I quite frankly no longer give a shit about them.

One of the people who I don't know very well keeps trying to show me they're sorry. I didn't know how to tell him how mad I was, so I kind of purposely had an extra loud conversation with someone else over how I'm removing all the people who've hurt me in my life.

Kind of like, that's what I want to do to him too.

He seemed to understand I was mad, and trying to convey that to him, I couldn't help completely freak out when I saw him.

He wasn't trying to react back, but rather looked like a guilty child caught in a shameful act. Even though I was acting like a bit of a spoiled brat, he wasn't smirking or acting annoyed.

I wonder now if that was sincere on his part of feeling remorse.


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  • That is perfectly normal so don't feel bad for it at all. We all need to vent to someone and its healthier to do so then to keep it in. From what you've said i think he is genuinely sorry and remorseful.

    • Yeah someone told me it's human nature to have a reaction like that, so not to fret it.

      It's all very confusing for me, for some reason I have some kind of feeling for this guy, which I'm not sure as to why. It's not really romantic, but it is almost like wanting to have his approval or something, it's weird

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