Sexiest accent?

GUYS AND GIRLS in your opinion whats the sexiest accent?


Most Helpful Guy

  • i prefer western /mid western American, then italian, then french, australian... and then probably southern American accents on par with german or russian... and the different Spanish accents are sort of scattered all over this place, with the Spanish accent from actual spain at the top and a thick mexican accent at the bottom... brazil and argentina somewhere in between... and i think costa rica or venesuala something it really depends on the girl speaking it

    not really into accents from the African or middle eastern continents... and Asian accents are all over the place as well... i guess the more tokyo area japanese accents are my preferred Asian accent with filipino being my least preferred and chinese accents somewhere in the middle as well


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love the Irish accent. I can't stop smiling when I hear it.

    • Yes i agree! i love the Irish accent

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