Does it seem he's lying to me of himself about feelings?

I have a really cool coworker who is always smiling at me, walking over to me for a handshake, and coming to my area randomly and asking for me if he doesn't see me. He gets along with everyone so he's never bored/lonely, but he chooses to converse with me. I'm sometimes shy around him so it's not for our amazing convos.

But I asked him if he liked me & he said no. I accepted it. But he still acts the same way near me. Sometime less obvious, like, when everyone is leaving for the day he'll single me out to say bye then rush in with other names or "bye (Me),... bye everyone" or he'll hug someone I'm standing with then hug me. But he doesn't hug them if I'm not there. And if I say hello to him when he walks by he'll come behind me and ask me how I am. He's always standing super close or hovering over me.
Recently after a staff party he got drunk & his friend drove us home. He sat in back with me & my friend and held my hand the entire ride.

He's never an a**hole to anyone so I don't think he'd tease me, even his friendzoning was super polite. So what's happening here
Whoops. Question should read ,"is he lying to me or himself "


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  • What? He's being friendly? ?

    • Hehe.
      I know you're being snarky but I don't think his actions are that black & white. He's not this kind of friendly with anyone else. And after I asked him if he liked me he could"ve assumed I liked him & stepped back so to speak , not spend more time around me or continue to be touchy. Ya know?

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