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Basically i'm in university, and I recently became "friends" with this guy whose in ALL of my classes, me and my other friend (outside of school and in school) have recently all sat together, I have a boyfriend, which i told him the other day when we were hanging out after school. I text him today wondering what's up, like any other normal person.. then he kept wondering why i'm not texting my boyfriend, and then confessed to me "I only text girls I can fuck to be honest" which made me feel weird because I didn't know he was incapable of texting "Friends" then he said "I don't want you thinking we can be friends when I'm trying to fuck everything that moves" puts me in an awkward position because he's in ALL of my classes, don't know what to do at this point, like avoid him during class, and not sit near him? I'm genuinely confused.


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  • Well first off don't text him anymore so that you don't get a similar response a second time. Try to make it a point not to sit near him anymore without making an awkward situation for yourself or a scene that's noticeable. I think he acted more like a jerk than a friend in the way he texted you back so forget the friendship thing with him. Just treat him like any other classmate except be on guard and only talk with him if you need to so that he can't start thinking that you're totally ignoring him now. Consider him irrelevant and don't waste anymore energy worrying about this past incident. Don't make enemies because you never know what the future may bring or if you may have to cross paths again someday. Good luck!

    • To be honest, I just feel like he devalued me as a person thats why i'm so gutted about it, he only sees me as a sex object and thats what bothers me, i've now warned my friend and she admitted to having similar texting conversations and tried to play it off as funny, but it just sucks to lose a "friend"

    • It's understandable how you feel but don't let what happened change the great person you are. We all have crap happen to us sometimes during our lives so we have to learn not to take it personally, especially in your situation where he's done the same to other girls. Yes it does suck to lose a friend but sometimes a person thought of as a "friend" turns out not to be the true friend you thought you had. Maybe he'll apologize to you someday and maybe he won't! Maybe he'll spread crap to his friends about what happened and maybe he won't! You can give him the benefit of the doubt if you want to but it's probably best to tread lightly with him for awhile to see how this all plays out. I couldn't do this to a girl.

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  • Wow. That's awkward. I'd make sure your intentions are clear and just test the water a little. See if he reacts to you differently in class and go from there

    • Tell me about it! He asked if I'd ever cheat on my boyfriend with him, I told him a firm no, not even with anybody. and then he said "text me when you change your mind (;" it's so fucked because he's the only one I know in my classes besides my one friend, who also speaks to him..

    • Dang. That dude's a major player. I'd just try to make friends in your classes and stay adamant

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