Is he confused or playing hard to get?

And why? I had asked him out to a restaurant in person that same day and he seemed down. We neither called it a date or a hangout. I noticed throughout the convo he gave me open invitations to his city to show me around which I thought was weird instead of asking me out directly. He said things like "not that you would call or text me." then when I did text him to set up the hangout he didn't respond. I saw him in person and said he forgot and PATTED my shoulder and said he would make it up. He even said he wasn't SURE if he even saved my number.

He then texted me the same day saying he's a good date and he will make up for it but i didn't respond. He never made up for it and I was thrown off that he said "date". I am so confused because I think he thought it was a date when I intended for it to be a hangout. But his personality completely changed and he acted like he didn't care?


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