Should I forget about it?

Ok, so i met this guy at a conference last week and although we didn't talk to each other i remembered him and he, me. I found him on instragram and requested to be his friend. After he accepted and added me he liked some of my pics. I saw that he did but didn't do anything then, bc i was a little shy. I didn't want to... I don't know lol i just got shy and did want to like any pics too soon. A few days later i liked about 4 of his pics. its been two dayss and he hasn't liked any of my pics or said anything about it. Do you think he is being shy and doing the same thing i did when he liked my pics or do u think he's not interested?


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  • I think he want to get likes for his pics so he did the same thing to your pics to ask you indirectly "you also like my pics" . When you didn't responded quickly to it then he was acting strange.

  • Just don't measure someone on the basis of likes on pics. Just send a pm instead and start conversation.


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