Why is he giving mixed signals even when he is not serious about me?

I am a Chinese girl and I'm having a crush on a Latino guy. We were very close sometimes. He took me to see his friends, to really nice dinners and when his parents came to visit he introduced me to his parents (as friend :/ ) and even invited me to go hiking with his family. So I assumed that he liked me, probably?

But there are some bad signals too. Like, he talks A LOT about wanting to date other girls in front of me. Or he went out dancing with other girls the whole night and didn't contact me. And he is so unwilling to say "I like you" which makes me feel hurt. And he never says we are dating. His explanation was that "in our culture it not that serious as a formal date in U. S. You can just hang out as friends or crush and then someday it just happens to the relationship" =[

I'm really confused. I'm not familiar with his "dating culture" but it's pretty much common sense all around the world right? If he really likes me, why he didn't take a further move?


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  • You can always ask him how he feels about you and if you're a part of his future. If he still seems aloof move on


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