If a girl's a bitch towards another guy, would he tell others about it?

Or would he be kind to her face, and still tell others abotu it?


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  • Yeah, he'll most likely tell other guys. Guys also talk about girls with other guys, it's just a little different. In his case, it'll probably go like this:
    "Hey, so how's it going with (name)?"
    "Nah, she's acting like a bitch"
    "Hahaha ok"

    So yeah, he'll tell other guys.

    • But I'm not in a relationship with him, plus I don't understand why he was being so nice when I was being a jerk to him.

      So it is fishy to me that his friends, who are complete idiots in my opinion, are not being even the slightest bit transparent that he's chosen to share information about me to them

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    • Not really, maybe he just doesn't take it too personally, maybe he just thought you were having a bad day and that's it.

    • I almost hit him with something. Okay no I didn't hit him but I could've that's how mad I was

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  • Well, if you weren't a bitch in the first place, such questions would not worry your mind. :3

    Of course guys tell each other. Especially if one guy is trying to get together with a bitch - those that have information about it will most definitely warn him.

    • I first of all liked the guy who I was a bitch too, not anymore of course because he's a jerk.

      I don't know why he'd tell because his friends have nothing to do with me, (or vice versa).

      I can't help but feel he's a total hypocrite, who went crying to his friends because he had no one to vent to.

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    • I think I have unrealistic expectations from people

    • Hypocrisy and unrealistic expectations are definitely things you should steer clear of.

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  • I've dealt with hostile women before and I've learned just to get away from them and forget about it. Although I will warn a friend if he seems interested in her.

  • I wouldn't talk to my friends about it but I would talk to somebody who knows her and ask why is she like that?

    • I find it REALLy suspicious that he was still being nice after I was being rude... he is simply not that kind of guy.

      I looked very pretty that day, but it didn't stop him from staying away from me

  • Depends. If he is a straightforward person he will tell someone. If he is diplomatic he may tell others but still act nice though its just an act.

    • I think it's just an act.

      his friends were purposely trying to playfully punch each other in front of me, kind of like trying to show, 'hey girl look we got strength too, think you're so tough don't you?'

      I ran away from the scene to their howling laughter. Jerks.

  • the game ususally goes like if she has a bad rep, shell get flushed out so yes he would.

    • I think I wanted him to think I'm a bitch. I wanted to see if he turned his back on me like everyone else had so I could say 'aha,' here's just another asshole who wants to be prince charming, but he's really just an asshole just like every other friend or family member whose hurt me in the past.

    • you are fullfilling your own prophesy dont you think? you are the sole causation

    • But he did turn his back on me.


      So what do you expect me to think?

  • Oh, yah, he'll tell everyone!

    • Hey come on.. I can't help but be a little bit paranoid

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    • Every couple fights. It becomes the topic of conversation for 5 mins and then it is soon forgotten. Be mature about it and move on. Water under the bridge. Again, if you are generally a nice person it won't matter what your friend said about you, everyone else will know it isn't true.

    • I'm a very anti social person, so no one really knows the 'real me,' vs. him who is a 'put yourself out there,' kind of guy.

      That's true, I'll keep that in mind for next time.

  • Yeah, I'd tell. Wouldn't want a friend to end up with her. I'd still be nice to her since I wouldn't want to look bad, and wouldn't want to sink to her level and have my reputation tarnished. But yeah, I'd tell others.

    • Who'd you tell hypothetically? Would it include any girls who may be friends with both you and her? Kind of like trying to warn them to stay away.

      His friends haven't asked me out or anything so it couldn't be him wanting to warn them

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    • That would be smart.

      I wouldn't get paranoid about this one instance, but it is good to be mindful of how your behavior may be perceived, in general. No need to kiss ass, but no need to be rude either.

    • Okay fair enough, I'll remember that for next time

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