Opinions on what this guy means?

There is countless events that my guts are screaming that Dean likes me back but I need to be rest-assured.

1. He would somehow always make eyecontacts with me (even to the point where my friends & his are telling me about it)

2. He offers to help me with little things

3. I was asked to hang out with him and his friends so I did, and I felt out of the group and sat by the side. He left the group and joined me, sticking by me the whole night.

4. He initiates conversation more in real life (after I acknowledge/greet him first) compared to texting.

5. Once, we both sat on stools, and I moved to give way to a grandmother and we were practically so close but he didn't bothered moving, which he usually would with other people.

6. When asked if he likes me, he said "What's there not to like about her?"

7. His friends have been saying things like, I like Dean, Dean and I are close and talk all the time (lies) and etc

8. His friend all wolf-whistled when he does something nice for me.

9. He once admits to be the type that "is shy around the girl I like, I will talk to her but not so much to not make it obvious, I don't want her to know"

10. In contradictory to 9, he's a ladies' man and a men's man. He's warm and friendly and just gives out good vibes (although he never dated anyone).

11. There's also been on and off rumours about him liking me for about 2 years now?

What do you guys think?

He doesn't keep the convo going if I try starting a convo through social medias :-(

This lowers me self-esteem even more, maybe he was just being nice before.


Most Helpful Guy

  • all of these signs means that the guy LIKES you... can't you see? :-)

    • I am very insecure therefore I find it hard to believe that my crush likes me back! 😅

      Thanks :)

Most Helpful Girl

  • hmm is social anxiety is the common "flu" of the western society.

    • why don't yo make it easier for him to open up to you? Give him a sign? do you want to pash him?

    • I've been trying to ease the tension between us and break the ice but everytime I did, it just builds back up!

    • Then it's not meant to be...

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  • Wow that's cute he likes u but he won't say It ask one of his best friends

    • I tried, but they said it's against the bro-code to say something 😅

    • There's ur answers right there he does like u guys don't bust the bro code unless they got something to hide

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