Is my boyfriend not interested in me anymore? does he like someone else?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for nearly 9 months now and he's just started acting weird. Basically yesterday me and my boyfriend was texting eachother and he started saying stuff like 'we'll talk later or something' without any kisses as we normally put kisses to eachother, then he just said bye with no kisses. He said he was sorry for that so I said ok and then when it got to the night we was in bed together like normal and I asked him if I could have a kiss before I go to sleep and he said no so I had to keep asking for one then I finally got one in the end where he said 'here then god' and then I said can we have a cuddle like we always do and he said 'not really no' I was shocked as he as never said this before as he has always said 'give me a min then'. I asked him why and he said 'because I can't be bothered' which really upset me knowing that he couldn't be bothered to have a snuggle with his own girlfriend. Then today I started texting him while he was at work like we always text and I sent him a message saying 'i miss you, i can't wait to see you later when you come home' and he changed the subject so I said thanks for ignoring my message saying i miss you with kisses then he replied back 'whatever' with no kisses then I kept saying 'why are you being like this? what have I done wrong?' and he said nothing and then I said 'why are you being like this then?' and he just said 'talk later' and he's not text me or rang me ever since and we last talked 3 hours ago which he would normally have text or rang me by now.

Is he not interested in me any more? does he like another girl? Has he gone off me? by the way I'm 5 months pregnant with his baby so its not easy, can you give me some advice and not a lecture please? All I'm asking for is a bit of advice as I've cried so many times because I don't know what's wrong with my boyfriend.

Sorry its long by the way, its kinda hard to explain on here in words,
p. s my boyfriend already knows I'm pregnant. He's known from the start since I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant.


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  • Well something is definitely wrong with him. It doesn't mean that he likes another girl but he is showing signs of being distant. Maybe with the baby on the way... a lot of things are hitting him all at once like how he'll be providing for it.

    It's hard to pinpoint it since I'm not him, so I suggest you tell him how you feel and demand a response. This is not the way for a guy to be acting with a baby on the way in my opinion.

    • When I tell him how I feel though he just goes in a mood and says stuff like 'why are you with me then?' but then he says after that he didn't mean to say that

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    • Show him that the way he is acting is important. You're bringing his kid in this world the least he could do is act considerate and mature.

    • Yeah true

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  • Well yeah he might be like freaking out about the baby or he wants his own space for some days to think this out. I can't really help you cause you just have to wait.. patience... and see for yourself whats going on.. sorry this might suck but i hope it helps...

    • True, anyway thankyou for your opinion. Its really appreciated.

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  • Well I'd say he's scared of pregnancy , not that he would be scared when you give birth tho. My bby daddy is like that. He's happy the first months and then when my belly starts showing he would act different, he wouldn't want me to touch him or anything. Yes he would rub my belly but he wouldn't want to kiss or do sexual things. Another thing tho if he is changing a lot then maybe he is seeing another girl like if he has changed his schedule lately , if he doesn't want to eat at home with you and goes out and eat by himself than maybe it's a sign he wants to be alone or he may have another girl. But usually when a guy is cheating he is overprotective with his phone , he constantly argues with you or he may just not care. If he starts dressing more attractive like if he wants to seek attention from someone. But if he hasn't shown any signs that he may be flirting or you don't feel suspicion of any girl that he knows then I'd say like in the beginning , it's probably the pregnancy
    Just try to keep things calm I guess bc guys don't know how to make you stop crying, feeling sad etc.
    And I don't mean for you to stop crying bc it could be bad for the baby to hold in your emotions, I would ask him up front "bby why are you acting serious now a days , I feel sad bc I don't think you like me as much no more" or "how come you don't seem to care about how we spend time together anymore😕"
    So yea , and remind him how much you love and trust him , bc come one guys like to know you love them and that they are the best just like us girls (unless he doesn't like it 🤔) but yea to me it doesn't seem he's cheating it's probably he's too worried at work thinking a lot. Like the expenses and the baby arriving home , how would she/he look like would the bby like him etc things like that

  • Something is going on. People don't just change up like that for no reason. Maybe he's starting to feel the pressure because you're moving further along in your pregnancy? To he honest, I wouldn't rule out the possibility of there being someone else either. I feel like you need to sit him down and straight out tell him how you're feeling.

    • But then he will go in a mood and say stuff like 'why are you with me then' like he always does

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    • Yeah, thankyou anyway

    • You're welcome. Hope everything works out for you.

  • Yikes. Time for a full on face to face to see what is going on. You may find it doesn't actually involve your relationship at all. I would bet he is freaking about the baby.

    • What do you mean? at the start he said he was okay with us keeping the baby and lately he's said that he can't wait for the baby to come.

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    • I wish I knew, sweetie. It hurts to feel some one we care about is becoming distant. You need to find out what's going on in a face to face discussion, as hard as that may be.

    • Yeah true, I love him so much it hurts :'(

  • Wait till he comes home does he know ur pregnant

    • Yes he's known since I was first pregnant. I'm asking advice on his behaviour

    • Its normal don't freak out wait a while if further signs persist then u should worry

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