He used to be nice but now he's a complete jerk to me. Why does he ignore me, criticize, and act indifferent to me when I'm being nice?

When I'm nice he ignores me, criticizes everything I do, and acts indifferent to me. He doesn't talk to me unless its to criticize. But when I act that way towards him he acts nice.-_- When were around other people he keeps trying to start conversations with me or playfully tease me. But only when people are around. Can anyone tell me why?


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  • I guess he is really confused.
    He used to like you before.
    But now he is really acting very indifferent to you.
    He may be playing Mind Games with you.

    But i advice , to stop talking to him and find someone else. Someone who talks to you when you need to. Who doesn't make you sad for unnecessary stuff.


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  • the guy sounds like a psycho. unstable at the least. ditch him and move on to a guy who deserves your attention


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  • haha this is weird... umm.. maybe he just likes you... or obviously he likes it when u criticize him.
    oh wow xD

    • Smh. boys are soo weird lol

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