Does he like me or not?

So there is this guy in my class and for some reason he's really nice all the time.

Like he was getting a textbook for himself and then he got one for me.. Even though I didn't ask and I was going to get one myself.

And for some reason he always gives me high fives and stuff.. And it makes me feel like such a little kid. It's kind of weird.

And he always explains everything that we are doing in class, even though I already know. Does he want to feel smart or something?

And he sits next to me and so everytime I'm doing something I can see him looking at my feet or my legs or something from the corners of my eyes. And that's kind of weird because when I look to see what he's looking at.. He pretends he's looking at the floor.

Anyways... Does he like me? More than a freind?
And I didn't mean for this question to sound cocky.

And if he likes me then I'll like him too then. But if he doesn't.. Then,

Oh well.


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  • Going through the same thing! I think in your case though, he totally likes you! You go girl! Ask him out, lol


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  • yesss why don't you ask him out?

    oh and by the way, what happened with the other girl you used to erase her drawings? :-P

  • Yeah he likes you.

    • I hope so

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    • Like how likely is it on a scale of 1-10?

      And Ughhh I don't even know what to make of this. I should probably be happy lol

    • Like at least a 9 and if you feel the same towards him, then happy I guess lol

  • Yep
    Looks like he likes you

  • no he is just being friendly

    • That's what I was thinking

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