What is he thinking?

My boyfriend of two years had social media and lied about them. He talked to many girls and seen some. He thinks cause he has physical had sex he hasn't cheated on me or betrayed me. What do u think?


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  • He is deceitful and manipulative. You can't trust him. He was seeking something from them that he wasn't getting in the relationship he had with you (not your fault though) and instead of talk to you about it, he chose to disrespect your relationship and seek it elsewhere. Dump his arse. He will continue that behavior or get better at hiding it, either way, you can't trust him.

    • My thoughts exactly

    • He will dispute it until his dying breath lol but be assertive and tell him that you feel disrespected and he broke your trust, and that you don't accept that behaviour and then dump him, because he will make all kinds of promises about never doing it again, but he'd be lying.

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  • There is more than 1 form of cheating. There is emotional, physical, social, mental, n supportive Cheating. If you how it n lie about it, its cheating.

  • Verbal cheating is just as bad as physical cheating.

  • Definitely wrong, regardless of whether or not he's been physically ask him if he'd allow you to do the same. Fair is fair. Especially since he met them. he's obviously untrustworthy. What else has he lied about. You may not even know. Flirting with other girls is cheating. Point blank.


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